Rocky's Voice

Crisp - Simple - Smooth Baritone

Rocky's Voice

"Forgotten songs on the old radio, catchphrases from your favourite TV cartoons, waves crashing on the ocean, a loved one's Hello- much of our memory is only sound. As a voice artist, my gift is knowing how to make your brand story become a part of your client's memories. Whether it is a corporate video, a documentary narration, or a radio commercial, I promise you a voice that suits your unique style.

What You Hear Is What You Get: Crisp, clear, sophisticated and pleasant baritone. Great for e-learning videos, corporate narrations and documentaries, radio & TV commercials, and real estate promos. If you have a story, I have the voice that will tell it right!"


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The best voice recordings are made in a studio fitted with the right equipment. Rocky also own a professional audio recording studio called Rocky’s Media Works. And at Rocky's, we take care to ensure that we use the latest technology to give you the best you need.

Our studio in, Bangalore is outfitted with:


Rode NT2A

Sound card

Scarlett Focusrite 6i6

Headphones Amp

Samson S. Amp


Sennheiser HD 202

Monitor Speakers

Yamaha HS5


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